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Snail Caviar

About This Project

This project consists of the development of concept and product communication, which in this case is snail caviar.
The aim of this project is to position this product of the company SNAILSICÓ, a Portuguese heliciculture company, which is dedicated to the creation and marketing of snails in organic farming production. This product is intended for the export markets of China, Dubai and the United States of America. The respective cultures and markets were analysed, as well as the definition of the emotional archetypes according to the markets. We started by defining the corporate visual identity and its communication, taking into account that this product is intended for a premium market. An exquisite approach was chosen, comparing the product to a precious stone, a pearl. The product was given the name Précieux, meaning “precious” in French and following the same line is given the French name caviar d’escargot.
For the primary packaging a simple glass bottle with the possibility of sealing is chosen for the preservation of the product and for the labelling of the bottle is printed on self-adhesive cork.
There is a second packaging, similar to a jewellery box, inside which a silk cloth and sponge is placed to protect the primary packaging, where a self-adhesive paper is placed at the bottom of the box with information about the company and another paper is placed inside, under the bottle, containing the nutritional information.

Finally, proposals have been made for product communication, such as applications in magazines and posters (mupis); and examples of publications for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, ect.) are also given for when the product is applied, trying to follow trends on these same platforms.

Précieux - Snail Caviar


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