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Olive Oil Olice Sicó

About This Project

This project consists of the development of concept and product communication, which in this case is olive oil. The aim of this project is to position this product of the company SNAILSICÓ in the export markets of China, Dubai and the United States of America. The respective cultures and markets were analyzed, as well as the definition of the emotional archetypes according to the markets. In this sense, for the Chinese market, the communication will be carried out in a high context, taking into account the verb “Revenge”, with the emotional archetype warrior being the main archetype. For the United States market, which will communicate in low and high context, according to the verb “Do It”, considering as the main emotional archetype, the archetype “I am a star”. For the Dubai market, the communication will be made considering the verb “Dream” and the High context culture. In this export market will also communicate taking into account the emotional archetype “I am a star”. Then, the visual and corporate identity and the respective labels of olive oil and nuts (almonds, figs and nuts) will be realized. The design of the main packaging was also carried out, considering the jars of nuts and dried fruit and the oil bottle.

Olive Oil Olive Sicó

Master 1st year / 1st S Option: New Media Production and Consumption | Developed by: Pedro Freitas | Supervisor: Prof. Doutor José Silva


Master GD
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