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About This Project

In the scope of the Communication Design Laboratory I curricular unit, taught by Professor Daniel Raposo, a project was presented to the students for the elaboration of a communication strategy, suitable for communication and distribution channels of the new Occidens – Nozzle Grain and Almond with shell products. This project does not aim at the elaboration of the redesign of the graphic brand, but rather the development of the Visual Identity of the products, particularly at the level of primary and secondary packaging design, appropriate to the profile of the target audience and specific culture. This exercise also has as purpose the creation of the communication supports of the brand, duly framed in a communication strategy. Thus, through the creation of working groups for the elaboration of a more complete result, several themes are treated, such as Visual Identity, Visual Identity Communication, Photography and Video Design and Web Design. These were thus studied and interlinked to successfully fulfill the request of the brand Occidens and the curriculum unit itself. Having said that, the class was divided into four groups, which are presented below.

Project Occidens

Master 1st year / 1st S Option: Communication Design Laboratory I| Developed by: Ana Rita Pires Guerra, Ana Sofia Baptista Carvalho, Cátia Fernandes Lourenço, Cristiana de Oliveira Martinho, Laura Pinto da Costa, Nuno Miguel Martins Rodrigues, Paulo Alexandre de Freitas Évora Silva, Paulo José Ferreira da Costa, Pedro André Guerreiro de Freitas, Ricardo Jorge Martins Rodrigues, Soraia Fernandes Lourenço, Adriana Raquel Gomes Vieira, Ana Rita Pinto Vieira Nunes, Brian Oliveira, Catarina Alexandra Trindade Laginha, Joana Gonçalves de Freitas, Marisa Esteves Baptista, Ricardo Andrade Lopes Correia, Tatiana Isabel Neves Costa | Guidance: Prof. Doctor Daniel Raposo


Master GD
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