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About This Project

The present project consists in the development of a communication strategy suitable for the various communication and distribution channels of new dermocosmetic products. Thus, it aims to create the design of a brand, including the Visual Identity of the products, particularly at the level of primary and secondary packaging design, appropriate to the profile of target audience and specific culture.
Throughout this project, the communication supports of the brand should be developed, duly framed in a communication strategy. It is important to define an identity system that allows to relate the product portfolio, ensuring the proper differentiation between product ranges.

Naturoots - Dermobio Solutions

Master 1st year / 1st S | Developed by: Bárbara Da Silva Ramos, Cristina Marlene Ferreira Barroso, Diana Patrícia Marques Gomes, Filipa Martins Beja Gonçalves De Jesus, Irene Rodriguez Solano Bayo, Joana Isabel Fevereiro Campos Batista, Melanie Franco Gonçalves, Raquel Sofia Ramos Satiro, Sofia Gomes Rodrigues, Sofia Mariana Sousa Teixeira | Supervisor: Prof. Daniel Raposo


Master GD
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