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Municipality of Castelo Branco

About This Project

The present project consists of a pilot study concerning the elaboration of a guideline for the standardization and normalization of signage in the Municipality of Castelo Branco. As a methodology, a survey of information was conducted to complement the necessary theoretical knowledge about signage systems, as well as the elements that constitute it, such as color, typography and pictograms. Case studies allowed to complement the knowledge acquired for the elaboration of the project. The proposal of the guideline developed in this project intends to contribute to a standardization of the signage systems of municipal establishments, and have in consideration, the graphic brand of the Municipality of Castelo Branco.

Uniformity of the signage system of Castelo Branco Municipality - Final Project Degree

Pilot Study | Developed by: Marisa Esteves Baptista | Supervisors: João Neves | Isabel Castro


Bachelor CDA
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