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Herbal Wellness

About This Project

This research project aims to contribute to the knowledge of user experience design through the design of a mobile application. After the analysis of existing applications, a gap in the communication of herbs and condiments in digital media was detected, as well as a market opportunity in the Scandinavian countries. To this end, an informative design solution was developed as a contribution to the adoption of healthier lifestyles. During the course of this project, mixed methodologies were applied, with a non-interventionist basis, which allowed a greater knowledge of the products under study, as well as the analysis of existing mobile applications and target public. Interventionist research was based on the development of user experience design for the Herbal Wellness mobile application. Diagnostic aspects relating to the collection of information were developed, with the aim of substantiating the development of the project. This focused on the construction of a UX design proposal and the identity of the mobile application. As a mobile application, the Herbal Wellness project contributes to the promotion of aromatic herbs and spices from the Mediterranean area among the Scandinavian public, opening up possibilities for
of Portuguese products exports in foreign markets.

Herbal Wellness


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