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Ambial – Food Safety

About This Project

It seems that many business managers still don’t see design as a strategic discipline for their companies.
With this project, it is intended to help demonstrate that design and its management processes, are an essential contribution to the success of any company; more specifically in those of small and medium size. Ambial’s corporate identity has been reformulated;
A small company specialized in pest control, food safety and sale of hygiene products / equipment. This work was also intended to raise the awareness of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and designers themselves for the inclusion of design in the top business strategy, demystifying the general and still current perception that this discipline and its variants are considered only final processes, of mere technical execution.

Ambial - Food Safety

| Master's Dissertation | Developed by: Bruno Fonseca | Supervisors: Prof. Doctor Daniel Raposo and Prof. Doctor João Neves


Master GD
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