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Agroop – New Impetus

About This Project

Agroop was an idea that was consolidated in the Design and Technologies option of the 1st year of Master’s degree.
Agroop is a technological solution for monitoring agricultural land. In order to reduce resources, prevent risks and improve production.
This project consists of software (an application) and hardware (a sensor). The application serves to manage several lands, monitor your agricultural land, recommend treatments, analyze meteorological information, analyze information from Stoock sensors is a device that monitors your agricultural land 24 hours a day, is easy to install, energy autonomous and low maintenance. Stoock measures solar radiation, air temperature and humidity, and soil temperature and humidity

Agroop - New Impetus

Master 1st year / 1st S Design and Technologies | Developed by: Bruno Fonseca & Bruno Rodrigues | Supervisors: Prof. Doutor João Brandão, Prof. Doutor João Neves, Prof. Doutor José Silva


Master GD
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